Your Roadmap to Real Estate Success

The GPS Course is a powerful tool that creates clarity, intention and a plan of action to succeed as a real estate investor or house flipper.

Why do so many smart successful well-intentioned folks fail when it comes to making money and building wealth with real estate? The #1 reason is that they don’t have a plan or the right knowledge to succeed. This is where the GPS course comes in!

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The GPS beginners foundation course is a powerful tool that creates clarity, direction and a plan for action as a real estate investor. This is essential because successful results happen when you are clear, have a specific plan and take intentional action.

What would it be like to own easy to manage & maintain What would it fell like to own $1,000,000 worth of income property that was easy to manage & maintain?

Build a solid foundation before you begin.

Without the right knowledge, information and a clearly defined plan in place chances of failing are very, very high.

Who's Deb Cleveland?

I am a self-taught, wise, creative, blessed and determined woman. I am a real estate mentor, teacher and advisor with over 30 years of successful business, real estate investing and fixing & flipping experience. I started a business from scratch out of my spare bedroom as a single parent. My original intention for owning real estate was to make money. When I saw the difference I could make by providing beautiful homes for families owning rentals turned into an unstoppable passion for me.

"Deb is an invaluable source as a teacher and coach when it comes to real estate investing."

Sara M.

Here's What You'll Get with Deb's Online Course

Online Course

Get immediate access to my online course and PDFs to download

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Content that comes out of my workbook in PDF format

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Get access to me LIVE via a zoom group chat. Ask me questions and I'll answer them live!

Stop Delaying your Passion!

You've always wanted to learn about real estate investing. Now's a GREAT time to start. And best of all, it's FREE.

I wish I had a program like this when I started!

I don't regret ANYTHING in my life but I would have LOVED if there was a program like this to get me started in real estate. But now I have the honor of giving back and teaching others how to invest in real estate consciously and reponsibly. Please join me!